So a Gal I know in her mid 40’s jokingly(?) called me a “bum” for not volunteering for a while after I said I volunteered to help or lead in a weekend long Food Drive.  The reason why I haven’t volunteered is I am in pre-leadership training and they wanted me to pause on volunteering.  So I said back,  jokingly,  smiling “just being biker trash”.  This is AFTER she knows I’ve been driving my Harley a lot lately and has NOTHING to do with volunteering…  I was trying to say something witty and funny and said instead of just chuckling at her bum comment!

Well,  she took it as a stab at her (she doesn’t even have a bike,  but gets rides on occasion I think).  She asked if I was calling her biker trash and I said “nooooo it’s a joke my friends use all the time” right away.  She walked off.

She calls me 30 minutes later and starts railing on me like she was on a mission to slam me!  I said over and over it’s a joke statement a bunch of my friends used for the past 10-12 years and I was joking about me.  I was calmly insistant and offered names & phone numbers to call to verify it is said jokingly all of the time!!

 She of course did not want me to take me up on my proof.  She tried saying another incorrect statement about me and I immediately said “Call him,  Ask him”.  She won’t do that either.

We did kinda like each other,  have a ton of chemistry,  but too many life differences for it to ever begin to think that it would work.  I suspect this may have a lot something to do with it…  She thought I said it because she is not going out with me but that is untrue!  I even wrote in the e-mail that I have not been thinking about it & I asked someone out who said yes anyway.

I apologized over and over,  saying the truth over and over but she kept building it up to hanging up on me.

So I e-mailed her and laid all of it out in writing.  Ended it with “Even though truly in my heart I did not mean absolutely anything….”

So,  why do some Women incorrectly launch a wrath on a guy being sincere…?

I’ve ran into similarities like this before.  When someone hears a joke statement for years and uses it with someone,  why does that person hold it against them?

How was I suppose to know it may mean something totally different to someone else when every time I hear it it’s in fun?

Perhaps she was looking for some slip-up from me to “slam the door” on something that even isn’t even there…? 

 Or what?

“IF” we talk,  what do I say?


Posted by: Tim | June 5, 2008

Oh, Goose. Duck!!

So I was riding my Motorcycle this early evening and there’s a wetland on the left.  I was going about 50-55 MPH,  when all of a sudden,  there comes a Goose from the left.

In a split second I thought “It’s flying low,  why so low,  Oh My God,  it’s GONNA BANG ME RIGHT IN THE HEAD!!”

I immediately had to duck down,  there would have been a collision and most likely I would’ve been knocked right off the Motorcycle and to my death.

Thank God for quick reflexes.  Whew.

Posted by: Tim | May 28, 2008

Got Wood ??


I do!  It’s hard to see the depth,  but everything in the foreground is what I cut up with the Chainsaw today,  what is stacked in the background is what I previously cut,  split & stacked myself.  All of that should heat my house with the fireplace for about 3 years.

Ahhhh,  nothing like being a Lumberjack for a day.

My neighbor across the street had lots of Oak in 8′ logs and he said I could have as much as I like.  What a nice neighbor!

Got my Chainsaw out and went for it.  Sawed,  loaded,  hauled and unloaded 2 and 1/2 Truckloads.  And of course,  the very last log that was too big and heavy to lift into my Truck had to be cut in half.  So,  the Chainsaw did not start right away,  it about 120 pulls.  Then,  the chain got dull,  so it took a while since it was HUGE.  The Chainsaw ran out of gas,  walked home to fill it up and here it comes – it would not start!  Pulled it about 250 times,  no go.  There was only about 10 more seconds left to break it in half…..  Uh!

Finally,  after not believing what is happening on the very last monster log,  I summoned up all the strength I had and lifted it up into the tailgate.  Whew!  Ha! 

Murphy’s Law struck,  but I asked God for extra strength and it worked.  The moral of the story:  Nothing is impossible with God.

Please share your experiences…

Posted by: Tim | May 21, 2008

The Ultimate Release.

Today was off the charts.

It was brought up to me that I have a blind spot.  You know,  I’m doing something that I did not know I was doing.  As I progressed,  one of the things (should be the last…) I was told to do is:

1)  Write down the name of every person who has hurt me in my entire life (whoa).  This was sheets of paper.

2)  For each person on my list,  Pray out loud to forgive.  Pray as long as necessary until I have dealt with all of the pain I remember.

Each person,  each hurt,  as long as necessary.  Unbelieveable.

Then when I was done,  I was told to BURN IT!

So on it went,  for hours,  all of the pain had to be released because it had a stranglehold on me.  This is related to a previous post I brought up and made the challenge.  I (have) been insecure,  had pity parties of myself and it (has) been written all over my face.  This came about throughout life,  but it doesn’t need to keep weighing me down like a wet blanket,  right…?

Well,  now that what needed to be dealt with is done,  the papers were burned in the fireplace and all of the ashed were thrown in the 25 MPH NW winds,  I really feel like a new person!

What pain have you been carrying around?  Have you purged all of the pain out of your life so you can “freely” move forward?

Try it,  it truly will be “The Ultimate Release.”

Posted by: Tim | May 17, 2008

The Damage of Baggage

That emotional Samsonite you’re carrying around sure is weighing you down isn’t it.  You may only see the tip of the Iceberg.  How about letting lose and let God take care of all of those hurts.

Here are some of the ways it may have a stranglehold on you:

  • Unfulfilled day to day life
  • Lack of enjoyable relationships
  • Carrying the hurt from a past love and burdening the one that that is good to you
  • Relationships that don’t reach their full potential
  • Future plans and dreams that don’t ever occur
  • Mood swings,  depression,  worrying,  anxiety,  shyness,  being reserved


If you walked around with a cold, wet blanket draped all over you,  you’d take it off,  wouldn’t you?  So why are you walking around carrying that baggage?

If you’re not living a fulfilling life and experiencing the joy of cheerful giving,  that is exactly what is happening.

So,  what are we suppose to do with this heavy suitcase anyway?  Figure out the best way to release it,  all of it,  because wouldn’t it be a crying shame when you’re near the end of your life or you died suddenly and things you were made to experience just didn’t come to fruition.

Experience the freedom!  What are you waiting for,  another blanket?


Posted by: Tim | May 15, 2008

Ever Made a “Life-Line” of Your Life…?

Have you ever plotted your life out on paper?

You know,  the eventful things that happened in your life,  they may have hurt you to tears or caused great joy.

My Pastor challenged me to do this and I am challenging you.

Did it go as you envisioned it would?  Did you serve others and God?  How about “a-ha” moments?

We all have dreams as a child and beyond;  did we make the choices in life that beared fruit for us or did we get side-tracked,  run off the rails,  diverted,  lost focus or misguided.  Where does that leave us now?  Or,  more importantly,  what can we do “starting today”  to get our lives back on track.

So,  I challenge you – get out a large piece of paper,  or better yet a poster board or roll of freezer paper and flowchart or write out your life!

Please add your comments,  questions and results.  I look forward to hearing from you.





Posted by: Tim | May 14, 2008

First Blog, First Post, Hello World!


Hello Everyone!


It’s hard to know exactly what to write in a first time ever Weblog,  so I’ll just wing it.


This blog is created to help us all find the answers in life;  be it relationships,  God,  life’s problems and issues,  love trials,  being misunderstood,  lonliness,  searching for true happiness,  leaving a lasting legacy and anything else we all want to discuss.


Would like this to be highly interactive;  no holds barred,  let it all out type blog!


So,  in the spirit of being interactive,  how about “you” pick the first topic of the ones listed above!  If I don’t see one listed,  I’ll just go ahead and pick and go from there.


Have a great day everyone!